1 kilo black bag of Coffee Care’s Blue Mountain Coffee Beans. Freshly roasted Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica Coffee
A pile of Blue Mountain speciality coffee beans. Reminiscent of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Perfect for filter and cafetiere
Coffee Care

Blue Mountain Beans

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The finest beans are grown high in the mountains, where the air is clean and bright, which is reflected in this gentle, silky coffee. Hints of fruit and mild sweet nut. Refreshingly enjoyable.


Coffees grown at higher altitudes are highly sought after due to their quality and complexity. This blend of high grown coffees from Latin America is reminiscent of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee which despite its mildness is bright and vibrant with nutty overtones. The main difference being the cost!

To experience these beans at their absolute best, grind as and when you need them, altering the grind to suit the brewing method.

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