A 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Colombian Huila Coffee Beans. Blue label for whole beans. Freshly roasted Colombian Huila Coffee. 100% Arabica Whole Beans
Back label of a 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Colombian Huila coffee beans with instructions how to make coffee.
1 kilo black bag of Coffee Care’s Colombia Huila Coffee Beans. Freshly roasted Colombian coffee
A pile of Colombia Huila speciality coffee beans. Perfect for filter and cafetiere
Coffee Care

Colombia Huila Beans

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This complex coffee sourced from the notable Huila region of Western Colombia is wonderfully bright & fruity yet full of soft hazelnut notes. Juicy, tingly, heavenly.


Our Colombian coffee is sourced from Associations in the southern Municipals of Huila. Landscapes of dramatic volcanic formed mountains, rich fertile soil and a moderate climate make it ideal for coffee growing. Colombia’s most complex and sought after coffees, are found in the south of Huila. These beans are 'washed' which is a process that purifies and de-acidifies them, giving the coffee a richer taste and stronger aroma. The beans are then dried on patios.

To experience these beans at their absolute best, grind as and when you need them, altering the grind to suit the brewing method. Espresso - fine, Mokapot or aeropress - fine to medium, Chemex - medium grind, Filter - medium to coarse, Cafetiere - coarse. 

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