1 kilo black bag of Coffee Care’s Costa Rica Coffee Beans. Freshly roasted Costa Rica Coffee
A pile of Costa Rica speciality coffee beans. Perfect for filter and cafetiere
Coffee Care

Costa Rica Beans

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A truly beautiful clean, bright, coffee with light acidity and hints of citrus and berry. To sum up this exquisite coffee “when a man dies he hopes to go to heaven, when a coffee lover dies he hopes to go to Costa Rica!”


Our Costa Rican Arabica coffee is sourced from Cafecoop RL which is a consortium of 7 well established Costa Rican co-ops. These co-ops receive coffee from all Costa Rican coffee areas and represent together around 25% of the national production.

Coffee production in the country began in the 18th century in the Meseta Central which had ideal soil and climate conditions for coffee plantations. Britain began importing heavily from Costa Rica after the 1840’s and the distinctive coffee remains popular today. 

To experience these beans at their absolute best, grind as and when you need them, altering the grind to suit the brewing method.

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