Barista Training

Did you realise that just one shot of espresso takes 42 beans to produce?

Have you ever considered how much effort has gone into producing that little brown bean you grind down and brew?

Or that the vast majority of beans that make it into your cup have, over a period of weeks, been carefully hand-picked, sorted, dried, packed, and shipped before being expertly roasted to bring out the very best of flavours? Don’t we owe it to all those people to brew that coffee perfectly!?

That enticing aroma and delicious taste are no accident. We have made sure that only the best coffees have made it into your hands. Now it’s up to you to make it beautifully - we’re here to help!

Dedicated Coffee Specialists

When you start to work with us you will benefit from our wealth of experience in speciality coffees and how to make the best of them, with free on-site training on how to use and look after your equipment as well as the basics in producing a consistently good brew every time. We have dedicated coffee specialists to deliver barista training at your site or in our showroom.

Our training centre also offers a range of courses aimed at helping people to achieve the perfect cup from simply learning about where coffee originates to the more technical aspects of using and maintaining equipment.

Here to help!

Whatever your requirements - whether it's team training or a desire to learn more about this wonderful product - get in touch. We’re here to help. In fact, we want to help, so you can love your coffee just as much as we do!

If you would like to work in partnership with Coffee Care and benefit from our services then please contact our team.

Contact us on 01756 794811 or email

Technical Support

Choosing the right equipment

Coffee machines are wonderful pieces of equipment, designed to bring enjoyment to many. Buying a shiny new machine is actually exciting, provided you have the right information to hand on size, electrical and plumbing requirements, brewing functionality, price, and installation. We can help you find the right style, location and all the other more technical aspects so you will get the perfect machine for your budget and site.

It is important to us to guide you through this process and to help you decide what machine is best for you. We will install and test your new kit and provide ongoing preventative maintenance so it doesn’t let you down.

Breakdowns and Repairs

In our experience, there are three challenges that coffee equipment can give you:

1. Buying the right equipment in the first place

2. Looking after that equipment so it doesn’t let you down

3. Dealing with emergency breakdowns and repairs!

Fortunately, we have been providing businesses with technical support for practically 40 years. We know what equipment works best where and why, how to look after it, clean it, service and inspect it, and in the worst instances how to fix it. We understand the problems downtime on a coffee machine can cause so we have spare machines for emergency back-up and provide free loan equipment to run alongside larger machines so coffee is always in service.

Here to help!

If you want a new machine or need help with an old machine then get in touch. We can guide you through the options and help you identify what works best for your site. Our straight-talking team will provide you with an honest appraisal of budget vs desire and help you find or fix your dream machine!

Contact us on 01756 794811 or email