Why the grind of coffee is so important

Grinding coffee is simple in theory. But like any skill, it’s easy when you know how!

Selecting the right grind for your chosen brew is crucial if you want to make the perfect drink.

There are many ways in which you can make coffee – espresso, filter & cafetiere perhaps being the best recognised – all of which need the grind adjusting to get the best out of the beans.

In simple terms, the longer the ground coffee comes into contact with water the coarser the coffee needs to be ground. An espresso will extract in around 25-30 seconds, whereas the grounds can swirl around in a cafetiere for 4-5 minutes before the coffee is poured.

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Having the wrong grind can either make the coffee under-extract, creating a weak and sharp taste or over-extract, making it lose its sweetness and taste bitter.

When checking the grind of your coffee for your chosen brewing method, look out for the following:

This should be close to powder but you should still be able to feel some slight grit. If you give the coffee a shake it should form small clumps called beading if you’ve got the right texture.

The grounds should be quite distinct from one another with no beading at all and quite gritty when rubbed between your thumb and finger.

If you have any questions about making sure your coffee is perfect then please just pick up the phone or send an email and we’ll be sure to help.

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