A 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Cafe Mexicano Espresso Beans. Dark green label for espresso beans. Mexico and Latin America Coffee. Fairtrade certified 100% Arabica beans. Great Taste 2022 winner
Back label of a 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Cafe Mexicano Espresso Beans with instructions how to make coffee.
A 1 kilo grey recyclable packet of Coffee Care’s Cafe Mexicano Beans. Freshly roasted Mexico and South America Coffee. Fairtrade certified, 100% Arabica and Great Taste Winner 2022
Coffee Care

Cafe Mexicano Espresso Beans

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Put on your sombrero and let the latin fiesta unfold as hints of soft nougat erupt with a mythical mix of citrus and cinnamon notes. Ole!


Mexico is a country that has embraced certification, with the production of Fairtrade and Organic coffees being quite common. Smallholders, rather than large estates, produce the majority of the coffee grown in Mexico, which can vary in profile depending which region it is from. Our blend also includes Fairtrade beans from Central America to add a soft citrus and nutty sweetness, with coffee from Brazil bringing a gentle malty body.

To experience this coffee at its absolute best, grind finely and use 8g-10g for each shot of espresso. We have roasted this blend slightly darker, perfect for making espresso drinks.

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