Front label of a 227g packet of Coffee Care’s Christmassy Coffee from El Salvador, Brazil and Sumatra. Ground coffee perfect for filter, cafetiere, V60 or chemex
Back label of a 227g packet of Coffee Care’s Limited Edition Christmas Coffee from Nicaragua. Instructions for Filter, V60, Chemex, Cafetiere.
Coffee Care

Christmassy Ground Coffee

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Everything you want from a Christmas coffee is right here - enjoy rich, full body, spicey tingle and hints of dark chocolate and Christmas pudding. It's a fabulous, flavoursome, festive treat!

This Limited Edition Coffee is an intriguing blend from El Salvador, Brazil and Sumatra. Roasted medium, dark it has the strength required to cut through rich flavours which makes it perfect as an after dinner filter or cafetiere coffee.  However, the complexity of this blend means it can also be used to create delicious espresso based drinks.   An enticing dark chocolate aroma and taste is followed by sweet spicy notes from the El Salvador beans, good body and dark caramel, fruit cake notes from the Brazil and beautiful balance and complexity from Sumatra.  A blend of high-grade Arabica coffees from regions we regularly include in our range, this Christmas coffee will not disappoint - whether it is a treat for at home or a gift for a loved one.  


To experience this coffee at its absolute best, we recommend using one heaped dessertspoon per cup. You can experiment with this by playing with the dosage of water and coffee to suit your taste for each different blend or origin and brewing method. You can brew with your filter machine in the usual way or with Chemex, V60 or Cafetiere by adding fresh water just off the boil and allowing the flavour to develop for 3-4 minutes.  If you need any equipment we have the perfect at home range for every preference, all tried and tested by our own team. We only sell products we love. 

Also available as whole beans.

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