A 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Colombia Huila Fusion ground coffee. Pink label ground for filter & cafetiere. 100% Arabica ground coffee beans. Great Taste Winner 2022.
Back label of a 227g packet of Coffee Care’s Colombia Huila Fusion Ground Coffee. Instructions for Filter, V60, Chemex, Cafetiere.
Great Taste 2022 Certificate. 1 star award for Coffee Care's Colombia Huila Fusion
Coffee Care

Colombia Huila Fusion Ground Coffee

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This bold coffee is roasted to different levels to bring out its caramel sweetness and nuttiness whilst maintaining a hint of its mild acidity.  A cracking coffee to kick start your day.


Our Colombian coffee is sourced from Associations in the southern Municipals of Huila. Landscapes of dramatic volcanic formed mountains, rich fertile soil and a moderate climate, make it ideal for coffee growing. In this blend the variation in the roast levels brings out the different qualities in the coffee, hence why it is a 'single origin' blend that has remained popular for almost twenty years. 

To experience this coffee at its absolute best, we recommend using one heaped dessertspoon per cup. You can experiment with this by playing with the dosage of water and coffee to suit your taste for each different blend or origin and brewing method. You can brew with filter, chemex and V60.  Add fresh water just off the boil and allow the flavour to develop for 3-4 minutes.

Also available as whole beans.

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