A 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Guatemalan Maragogype Coffee Beans. Blue label for whole beans. Freshly roasted Guatemalan Coffee. 100% Arabica. Great Taste Award Winner 2017
Back label of a 227g kraft packet of Coffee Care’s Guatemalan Maragogype Coffee beans with instructions how to make coffee.
1 kilo black bag of Coffee Care’s Guatemalan Maragogype Coffee Beans. Freshly roasted Coffee. Great Taste Winner 2017
A pile of Guatemalan Maragogype speciality coffee beans. Perfect for filter and cafetiere
Coffee Care

Guatemalan Maragogype Beans

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An exceptional coffee notable for its distinctively large bean, thought to enhance its stunning qualities.  Notes of tropical fruit, almonds and a hint of zesty citrus. Luxury in a cup.


Maragogype is a rare find on most farms due to the limited altitude and climate ranges the plant seems to favour. In fact it was first discovered as a mutation. Large in size and considered desirable, often referred to as the ‘ELEPHANT BEAN’, the tree has exceptionally large leaves with the fruit ripening red. Our Guatemalan Maragogype grows over 1300 METRES above sea level and is sourced from the main growing regions of Coban, Huehuetenango and Antigua.

To experience these beans at their absolute best, grind as and when you need them, altering the grind to suit the brewing method. 

Great Taste Judges' commented: "Lemon zest on the front followed by fruity notes in the middle and raisin, almonds and marzipan at the end. Really enjoyable and well balanced."

Also available freshly ground for filter and cafetiere.

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