A 1 kilo grey recyclable packet of Coffee Care’s Java Sumatra Coffee Beans. Freshly roasted Sumatra Coffee. 100% Arabica.
A pile of Java Sumatra speciality coffee beans. Perfect for filter, cafetiere and bean to cup machines
Coffee Care

Java Sumatra Beans

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Strong, yet sweet with a black heavy body. The beans are sometimes rustic in their flavour profiles, but display a lasting finish. A super rich luxurious taste.


The pulp is fermented and washed off, using the wet process. This results in coffee with good, heavy body and a sweet overall impression. Some estates here age a portion of their coffee for up to 3 years. As they age the beans turn from green to light brown, and the flavour gains strength whilst losing acidity.

To experience these beans at their absolute best, grind as and when you need them, altering the grind to suit the brewing method.

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