For over 40 years Coffee Care has been delivering award winning quality coffees, teas, equipment and service to businesses with an
absolute enjoyment of making it simple for our customers to share great coffees with their customers.   Whatever your business needs, we’re confident we have it, with coffees to suit every palate and a full compliment of other products and equipment too.

Barista Training & Technical Support

You want your customers to know that every coffee they order from you will be served perfectly every time. We’re here to help you achieve it. You want to know if your machine breaks down there’s a quick solution so coffee sales can continue. We can help make that happen. It’s simple with the right support.


Our offer to you

We guarantee quality, award winning, ethically sourced and sensibly priced coffees. Ensure you have your perfect coffee and goods when you need them. Have the right equipment which will be looked after on a fast response first fix basis and all delivered from a multi award winning company.